Baby Milk Recalled As Health Warning Issued

A Washington-based company is recalling a goat milk product and urging consumers to immediately stop using the product as baby formula.

Healthwest Minerals Inc, doing business as Mt. Capra Products, of Chehalis, announced on Friday that it is recalling 1,506 boxes of Goat Milk Formula Recipe Kit on the advice of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because the product does not provide sufficient nutrition when used as infant formula. The FDA shared the company’s announcement on its website.

“The FDA is concerned that the formula does not meet all FDA requirements for infant formula, does not provide sufficient nutrition when used as an infant formula, and the storage instructions may be insufficient for the product,” the announcement said.

Baby formula stock photo
Stock photo of baby milk powder. A Washington company has recalled its Goat Milk Formula Recipe Kit and urged consumers to immediately stop using the product as infant formula.


“Infants consuming the recalled product without additional iron supplementation can develop iron deficiency anemia and feeding intolerance.”

The recall involves the company’s Goat Milk Formula Recipe Kit 10-pound eight ounces that was sold in Mt. Capra’s store in Chehalis and on its website between May 1, 2023, and May 1, 2024.

The affected lot codes are: 13150423, 13150723, 13151223, 13151323, 13151623, 13151823, 13151923, 13152123, 13152423, 13152523, 13152623, 13152823, 13153023, 13153123, 13153423, 13153523, 13153723, 13153923, 13154123, 13154423, 13154523, 13154723, 13154923, 13155023, 13155223, 13150124, 13150424, 13150624, 13150924, 13151024, 13151124, 13151224, 13151424, 13151624, 13151724, 13151824.

The FDA notified Mt. Capra about a report of anemia in one infant, according to the announcement.

The agency determined that “while the caregivers were using the Goat Milk Formula Recipe Kit and recipe, the caregivers substituted some ingredients with a different brand of multivitamin, which created a product deficient in vitamin B12 as well as folate and ultimately resulted in the development of anemia,” it said.

Mt. Capra said it does not recommend the product for infants under 12 months. Consumers who have prepared and fed their infants formula made using the Goat Milk Formula Recipe Kit are advised to contact a health care provider to see if testing for nutritional deficiencies is recommended.

“The safety of our customers and products is Mt. Capra’s primary concern,” the company said.

Customers are advised to dispose of or return the recalled products. Anyone with questions is urged to contact Joe Stout at 360-748-4224 Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., PT, or send an email to

Newsweek has contacted Mt. Capra for further comment via email.

Recalls are issued if there are concerns that a product may be harmful to consumers in some way, such as if products may be contaminated or if mislabeled products fail to disclose allergens.

A number of products have been recalled in May so far, including dietary supplements capsules, nuts and cream cheese.