Couple Write Love Letters to Each Other, Find Sweetest Use for Them

Internet users have been gushing over a Californian woman’s inventive take on bedroom décor, after a video she took of the personalized touches to her and her partner’s bedroom went viral.

Emily Alexander and her boyfriend had decided to transform their heartfelt love letters into a unique interior pieces by framing what they had penned for each other. Viewers watched as the Los Angeles-based content creator and her partner gave their bedroom a romantic turnover by decorating the walls with the framed handwritten love letters they had exchanged.

Alexander, who has been sharing her life, style, and relationship experiences online for more than five years, recently moved into a new home with her boyfriend of nearly seven years. The couple, who have been together since high school, decided to add a deeply personal touch to their previously plain bedroom.

love letters
From left: Emily Alexander hangs up the love letters; and writes them. The content creator and her boyfriend decided to decorate their bedroom with the missives in February.


“We had these cards from a purchase we made at Cartier and decided to write little short love letters addressed to one another and frame them above our bed,” Alexander told Newsweek.

“Only we really see them since they are in our bedroom, but it adds such a cute and personal touch to our walls.” The decision to frame these messages was driven by her passion for home décor and a desire to personalize their living space.

The post had been captioned: “Been adding more personalized aspects when decorating this home!”

The love letters, penned on premium writing paper, now hang proudly above the couple’s bed, creating a romantic focal point that is uniquely theirs. While the letters are a private treasure, the aesthetic appeal of the handwritten notes caught the eye of Alexander’s online following when she posted a video of the decoration process on TikTok.

The clip, created under the handle @emilyalexaander on February 22, quickly gained traction, amassing likes and inspiring viewers. To date, Alexander’s creative project has captured the hearts of over 154,000 TikTok users, turning a private token of affection into a viral decorating trend.

“I was very surprised at how many people loved the idea online and went on to use it as inspiration for their own homes,” Alexander said.

“This is such a cute idea,” one user wrote, while another added: “I might have to do that when we move in our home this May.”

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