Dog Can’t Wait for Arrival of New Foster Puppies So She Can ‘Mother Them’

A dog’s oh-so-sweet reaction to new foster puppies coming to the house quickly went viral, melting viewers’ hearts.

Frannie is an 8-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier mix that was adopted from the shelter five years ago. The owner told Newsweek via TikTok that it looks like she had a few litters before coming to the shelter, but because her history is unknown, there is no way to confirm she was a mother.

Not only does it look like Frannie had puppies, but she also acts like a mother. Every time Frannie’s owner brings home new foster puppies, Frannie is ready and waiting to greet them with nothing but a big smile and happy tail wags. The latest two pups to join the house were no exception.

In the July 4 TikTok video posted to the account, Frannie stood with other dogs behind the fence. Her snoot was pressed between the posts. A few sniffs were not enough for Frannie. She needed those puppies immediately. She needed to “mother them.”

The caption reads: “There’s few things in the world Frannie loves more than puppies.”

Pit excitedly waits for pups
Screenshots from a July 4 TikTok video of a pit bull named Frannie waiting to meet new foster puppies. Frannie couldn’t control her excitement, as she loves all the foster animals that come to her…

Without even seeing the puppies, Frannie was already begging to get closer. She let out little cries, informing the owner it was taking too long. Her mommy senses were tingling.

A separate updated video shows the puppies exploring their new temporary home. In every clip, Frannie is right there by their sides, acting as a protector and making them feel comfortable.

This isn’t the first time Frannie reacted this way to new foster animals coming to the house. And it won’t be the last. The owner said it happens every single time. Frannie will “never stop being excited” for all the foster babies.

“We always have fosters,” the owner said. “I honestly can’t remember the last time I didn’t have foster puppies around. We’ve had 164 foster animals in the last 5 years!”

‘Give Me’

The precious TikTok video quickly amassed over 7.1 million views, 1.1 million likes and over 2,000 comments as of Wednesday. Viewers flooded the comment section as they fell in love with Frannie’s excitement to welcome the new puppies.

“Frannie about to file for full-time custody,” a viewer said.

One TikToker demanded: “Girl if you don’t let Frannie through the gate.”

Some wrote what was going through Frannie’s mind: “I smell them. Give me give me.”

Another said: “‘Bring me the babies, you won’t raise them right.’ -Frannie.”

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