Dog Catches Owner Red-Handed Preparing To Donate His Toys: ‘Not Happy’

A golden retriever has left people in stitches with his less-than-enthusiastic reaction to some of his toys being washed and prepped for donation.

In a video shared by Katherine Jensen from Wales, U.K. under the handle @goldenlifeofbailey, Bailey the dog was caught looking through the patio door at his beloved toys hanging out to dry on the laundry line.

His expression? Pure indignation. “I noticed Bailey standing, looking out the door when I was hanging up the toys on the washing line. I thought it was hilarious because he looked so fuming that I had washed his toys, so I decided to record him,” Jensen told Newsweek.

Bailey reacts to toy washing
Pictures of Bailey’s toys hanging to dry, and his reaction to seeing all of his toys after the wash. The golden retriever didn’t seem best pleased that his playthings were being donated to a rescue…


The moment captured attention online, with more than 800,000 views. Jensen wrote in the caption: “Someone’s not happy.”

“I was having a sort out of Bailey’s toys as he had SO many and I washed them all, as some were a bit dirty or smelled. The ones he did not play with anymore and that were still intact—as he loves to destroy a lot of his toys—I decided to donate to a rescue center, as unfortunately not all dogs in this world are as fortunate as Bailey,” Jensen said.

But the kindly decision wasn’t popular with the pup, who clearly didn’t want to give up any of his beloved toys. Viewers on TikTok shared their reactions, with many siding with the dog when it came to giving away the toys.

“You take them back off that line right now and give them back,” said viewer Yvette. While another user, Magpie, joked: “Bailey told me they’re all his favorites.”

Eventually though, Jensen did manage to sneak some of the toys out to donate—not before giving back Bailey all of his favorites of course—and a moment at the shelter helped her realize it was all worth it.

“A beautiful whippet was getting adopted and got to pick one of Bailey’s old toys as its first ever toy. A new start to her new life,” she recalled. “I went back to my car and cried my eyes out because it was so beautiful to see how this sweet dog was so happy to get one of Bailey’s old toys.”

Jensen hopes that Bailey’s story might inspire others to support their local animal rescues and shelters. “All animals deserve love and a second chance in life, and I am truly hoping that more people will be donating to animal rescues, shelters, etc. in the future, as these places are overflowing with animals lately, and they need all the support and donations they can get,” she said.

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