Dog Gives ‘Disgraceful’ Look to Owner Eating Treats Without Doing Tricks

Dogs are often tasked with giving a paw or sitting in order to get a treat, but have you ever wondered what they think while their humans snack without performing a trick?

Well, one bichon frise wasn’t afraid to show his emotions when watching his dad inhale yet more potato chips in a hilarious February 18 TikTok video posted to the account @kennythebichon.

In the clip, Kenny sat on the couch next to his dad, staring him down with utter disappointment. He has been bamboozled this whole time, forced to do tricks for his treats.

In Kenny’s mind, it was completely “disgraceful.”

Kenny kept eye contact with his owner, full-on judging him. But hey, what dog doesn’t judge their owner as they continue to go back to the pantry for more snacks?

His mood was summed up entirely by the eye roll at the end of the video. Kenny had seen enough. He likely put his head back down, quietly planning his revenge and sneaking treats without performing a trick.

As of Thursday, the TikTok clip had 170,400 views, 10,100 likes and 26 comments. Viewers are realizing it isn’t just their dog who shows their disappointment.

“I feel so judged by my dog every single day,” commented a TikTok user.

Another echoed: “I often think this when I’ve smashed 5 slices of cheese and only given him a corner. I’m judging myself no need to stare.” They don’t see their owners begging for some of their food!

Benefits of Teaching Dogs Tricks

Teaching a dog tricks goes hand in hand with being a canine owner, but why? Trick training is very popular with owners, and now, thanks to social media, people are seeing the true intelligence of dogs. Between their balancing acts with cookies and special whisper barks, dogs can learn anything.

One of the benefits of teaching dogs tricks is simply because it brings joy to owners. It creates a bonding moment with the owners and dogs. And it’s just as fun for dogs, especially since they earn food reinforcers during training.

Trick training keeps dogs entertained and gives them mental and physical exercise. Because dogs are stimulated and often tired out from learning tricks, dogs are less likely to get in trouble when left alone. They might take the time to enjoy a restful nap.

And for an added bonus, owners can show off their dog’s adorable tricks to their friends and family.

Bichon Frise sitting on couch
A stock image of a bichon frise relaxing on the couch. A dog thought it was disgraceful his owner didn’t have to perform a trick to eat, in a February 18 TikTok video.

Getty Images/Matthew Nichols

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