Dog Has Guilt Written All Over His Face As He Realizes ‘The Gig Is Up’

Having access to a seemingly endless supply of food is the stuff of most dogs’ wildest dreams, but one lucky pet has been able to live this out in reality—until he blew his cover.

Talia Kramer, the dog’s owner, had shared online that both she and her partner had been feeding their pup at his two allocated feeding slots, but at different times during the day. This means that although the dog is only supposed to have two meals a day, he had recently been enjoying four without the knowledge of his ‘pawrents’.

The dog’s owner filmed the moment when she and her partner finally realized how much their pet had been over-fed, while jokingly implying that their dog had been playing this game to get more food all along.

The resulting video, which focused on the dog’s mischievous expression, has led to plenty of laughter online, and international interest in the dog, who has now become a viral sensation.

The clip, which has been viewed more than six million times since it was shared to TikTok last week, captured the dog’s wide-eyed look as he sat upright next to his owner. Kramer joked that the dog had realized at that moment that he’d been caught in the act.

Talia Kramer’s dog. The dog has become a viral sensation after his owners realized that he’d been getting fed four times a day.


“When mom’s been feeding me twice a day and then she finds out my dad has also been feeding me twice a day, meaning I’ve been eating four times a day,” the dog’s owner said.

The post is captioned: “He knows the gig is up…”

What Do the Comments Say

Since it was shared on the social media platform on March 27 by @taliarkramer, the TikTok post has been liked by more than 1 million users and commented on over 1,400 times. TikTok users have shared their amusement or their own experience of having an overfed pet in the post’s comments section.

“Had a dog who kept getting fatter despite his strict diet and expensive weight-loss food. Found out when we let him into the yard before bed, he’d go behind the bushes to the elderly neighbor’s yard,” one user wrote.

“She was feeding him all the leftovers from her southern home-cooking each night through the fence. We thought he was just really excited to go out to potty in the evenings,” they wrote.

Another user shared: “I had this happen to me too lol, was leaving for work and the cat was acting like he hadn’t been fed and sometimes my dad forgot to feed them in the morning so I fed him, told him later and nope turns out our cat conned me into getting a second breakfast.”

Newsweek reached out to @taliarkramer for more information via TikTok and Instagram.

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