Dog Who Loves To Snuggle With Owner’s Grandbaby Wins Pet of the Week

From a squirrel that turned into a “porch pirate” to the betrayal one cat felt when he saw his owner petting an outdoor cat, we’ve seen plenty of funny and adorable pets online this week.

We’ve also been receiving adorable and funny videos and pictures from readers for our weekly Newsweek Pet of the Week.

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Festivus the dog
Festivus with his owner’s granddaughter Ava, left, and a close-up of crossbreed pup Festivus, right. The cute snuggles Festivus gives won him Newsweek’s Pet of the Week accolade.

Rebecca Faeder

This week’s Pet of the Week is rescue dog Festivus, who lives in Virginia with owner Rebecca Faeder and loves his family.

Rescued from 2×2 rescue in Merrillville, Indiana, Festivus is particularly close with one family member, 3-year-old Ava.

“He’s always gotten along with Ava. They’ve been buddies since birth,” Faeder told Newsweek. In an adorable video, the pair were seen sitting together on the couch kicking back.

When he isn’t hanging out with Ava, he loves car rides and watching the TV. While Faeder’s other grandchildren have even begun to play: “He loves our grandchildren, especially now that they’ve learned to use the chuck-it and throw the ball for him and play tug-of-war with him constantly,” she said.


Cricket and Goob
Chihuahua mix dogs Cricket and Goob.

Dan Whitaker

Our first finalists this week are Cricket and Goob, a pair of Chihuahua mix pups who live with owner Dan Whitaker in Utah.

Their favorite things include rides in the car, playing outside and eating treats.

“They’re just so cute and sweet and full of love. They mind us well and are very smart, knowing little things that we’re doing or are going to do without telling them,” Whitaker told Newsweek. “They’re just like little kids—frustrating at times, but so cute and sweet.”

Larry the cat
Camera shy Larry who knows exactly how to get treats out of his owner.

Christine Eaton

Next up this week is Larry, a ginger and white cat who is an expert at tricking his owner into giving him treats.

“He makes me laugh he tricks me to give him treats,” Christine Eaton told Newsweek. “He constantly wants fuss and attention, but most of all he is my best friend, if I go out he’s waiting at the door for me to return.”

Sadie and Grace
Best friends Sadie and Grace who love to spend time together.

Susan Crosby

Last buy not least are Sadie and Grace, two Labradors who live in Virginia with owner Susan Crosby.

Sadie is 14 years old and puppy Grace is just 16 weeks old—but the two are the best of friends.

“Sadie’s favorite thing to do is eat and Grace’s favorite thing to do is everything,” Crosby told Newsweek. “I absolutely love Labradors, they are the best dogs ever.”

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