Donald Trump Mocked for Slurring Words in Rally Speech

Former President Donald Trump faced ridicule and criticism after appearing to slur his words during a recent rally in Wildwood, New Jersey.

As he addressed a crowd of supporters, video footage captured moments where Trump’s speech appeared to be unclear, prompting speculation and mockery on social media platforms.

The footage, shared by several online outlets, including Raw Story, shows that during his speech, Trump’s delivery seemed to falter at times, with certain words sounding muddled or difficult to understand. Not only that, but he appeared to confuse “Beijing” with “Taiwan.”

While the content of Trump’s speeches often focuses on familiar themes such as immigration, the economy, and his grievances against the media and political opponents, they have also previously been described as rambling or controversial.

On this occasion, he chose to repeat the unfounded accusations that President Joe Biden is involved in the current hush money trial taking place in New York.

As reported previously by Newsweek, Trump is accused of making payments, including an alleged $130,000 hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Trump faces 34 felony counts of allegedly falsifying business records tied to the Daniels payment. He has denied all charges in the case.

Donald Trump at rally.
Donald Trump leaves the stage after speaking during a campaign rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, on Saturday. Trump appeared to slur his words at points during his speech.

Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Critics were quick to pounce on the moment at Saturday’s rally, with many taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, and other platforms to share clips of the speech and offer commentary. Some suggested that the slurring was indicative of health issues, while others simply used it as an opportunity to mock the former president.

George Conway, contributor to The Atlantic posted on X, to his 2.3 million followers: “C’mon guys, do you really think this is normal? And how much coverage would you be giving to Joe Biden if he slurred gibberish like this?”

Conway also referenced Trump’s infamous ‘Covfefe’ Tweet, presumed to be a typographical mistake, that Trump tweeted when he was president of the United States, which went viral and instantly became an internet meme.

Twitter user Jo @jojofromjerz, as reported by Raw Story, interpreted one of Trump’s slurred sentences at the rally as “Carry-dite-bye-raye-sigh-en,” with other online users asking what did it mean?

Trump’s spokespersons have not commented on the New Jersey rally incident, and there has been no official statement from Trump himself addressing the matter.

This is not the first time Trump’s speech has come under scrutiny. During his time in office there were several instances where he appeared to struggle with pronunciation or coherence during public appearances.

Despite the mockery, Trump’s loyal supporters remained steadfast, dismissing the incident as insignificant and praising his continued efforts to engage with the public.

Newsweek reached out to Donald Trump’s office on Sunday for comment.