Elon Musk Reacts to Sam Altman Driving $2M Sports Car

In a video clip circulating online, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, was recently seen driving one of the world’s rarest and most expensive supercars, generating sarcastic and mocking responses from social media users — including none other than his former friend and ex-business partner Elon Musk.

On Tuesday, an X account called Tesla Owners Silicon Valley re-posted athevideo of Altman driving a white $1.9 million Koenigsegg Regera. The Swedish plug-in hybrid sports car, with a top speed of 250 m.p.h., is sold privately in limited production, with only 80 units made. The resale value can be upward of $3.7 million.

sam altman sports car
Sam Altman driving his $1.9 million Koenigsegg Regera


“CEO OpenAI driving one of the most expensive cars. How did open AI become a for profit business when it was a non profit?” the post asked.

Tesla CEO Musk responded “Great question,” elevating the video to his 189 million X followers and making it clear that his feud with his former OpenAI co-founder is anything but settled.

Altman v. Musk: A Timeline

Musk and Altman’s relationship goes back more than a decade, when the two swashbuckling entrepreneurs were making waves in the Silicon Valley startup scene.

Musk cofounded OpenAI in 2015 with Altman and 10 others, originally as a nonprofit research organization meant to accelerate artificial intelligence “for the benefit of humanity.” By 2018, Musk had reportedly grown weary of OpenAI’s progress, believing it had fallen too far behind rival Google. He proposed taking over the company himself, but Altman and others balked. A power struggle ensued, and Musk eventually walked away — effectively ending his business relationship with Altman.

Sam Altman and Elon Musk
Tesla Motors CEO and Product Architect Elon Musk and Y Combinator President Sam Altman speak onstage during “What Will They Think of Next? Talking About Innovation” at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit at Yerba…

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

After OpenAI launched ChatGPT to worldwide fanfare in 2022, and Altman became the public face of the AI industry, their relationship soured further. Earlier this year, Musk sued OpenAI and Altman personally, accusing them of “abandoning” the original mission to develop AI for humanity’s benefit, rather than as a for-profit enterprise.

In a series of posts around that time, Musk accused Altman and OpenAI of lying and criticized their connection to Microsoft, which had signed a multi-billion dollar investment deal with OpenAI. At one point, Musk suggested the company changes its name to “ClosedAI.”

Musk claimed that once OpenAI took money from Microsoft, the company breached its founding statement.

OpenAI responded with a blog post on its website “to move to dismiss all of Elon’s claims,” calling Musk’s posts “frivolous.”

The organization posted screenshots of emails from Musk that showed him pushing for OpenAI to start with a $1 billion funding commitment rather than $100 million.

OpenAI also shared how “we couldn’t agree to terms on a for-profit with Elon because we felt it was against the mission for any individual to have absolute control over OpenAI.”

Musk had reportedly wanted “majority equity, initial board control and to be CEO,” according to OpenAI. During the power struggle, Musk withheld funding during the discussions, and the entrepreneur Reid Hoffman had to “bridge the gap to cover salaries and operations.”

“In early February 2018, Elon forwarded us an email suggesting that OpenAI should ‘attach to Tesla as its cash cow,’ commenting that it was ‘exactly right… Tesla is the only path that could even hope to hold a candle to Google. Even then, the probability of being a counterweight to Google is small. It just isn’t zero,'” the post read.

Sam Altman and Elon Musk
Sam Altman and Elon Musk. The two have been feuding publicly about OpenAI and its mission.


Despite their personal relationship having deteriorated, Altman invested in Musk’s privately held brain-implant venture Neuralink in 2021. (OpenAI and Neuralink had at one point shared office space in San Francisco.)

The next year, Altman and Musk had a reunion of sorts at the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, better known as “summer camp for billionaires.” Musk was interviewed by Altman, where he reportedly opined on Mars travel and declining birth rates.

The detente was short lived. Last month, Musk fired off a post on X saying that if Apple integrates OpenAI into its product line, as the company has planned, the devices will be banned at his various companies. The comment came after Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s president who was also named in Musk’s lawsuit, said ChatGPT would be built into Apple’s operating systems for iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

“Apple has no clue what’s actually going on once they hand your data over to OpenAI,” Musk posted. “They’re selling you down the river.”

A day later, Musk’s lawsuit against OpenAI and Altman was withdrawn.