F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Questions Himself – ‘I Always Wondered Why I’ve Never Cried’

In a riveting performance at the 2024 British Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton claimed his 104th Formula 1 victory, his first since his dramatic 2021 showdown with Max Verstappen. The win not only marked his comeback but also a deeply emotional moment as he crossed the finish line at Silverstone, visibly moved, shedding tears, a reaction he has seldom shown in his illustrious career.

Executing a flawless race under challenging weather conditions, Hamilton secured his record-breaking ninth victory at Silverstone. Not since his win at the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix had he topped the podium, making this victory exceptionally poignant given the intense rivalry and controversial conclusion of the 2021 season.

The emotional weight of the moment was palpable as Hamilton spoke over the team radio, his voice cracking with emotion. His heartfelt celebration continued in parc ferme, where he embraced his father, Anthony Hamilton, reflecting the personal significance of the victory. The physical and metaphorical journey from those tense laps to the embrace with his father encapsulated years of professional and personal battles.

In a post-race interview with Sky Sports F1 during their broadcast, Hamilton shared that the victory felt “surreal” and spoke candidly about the overwhelming emotions that gripped him.

Lewis Hamilton
Race winner Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes celebrates on the podium during the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone Circuit on July 07, 2024 in Northampton, England. Hamilton took home his…

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

“My heart is racing. I had so many times here in the past. When I came across that line, something released in me I guess I have been holding on to for a long time,” he disclosed to Sky Sports. This release was not just about winning a race; it was the culmination of years laden with pressures, doubts, and a relentless pursuit of victory.

Hamilton’s reflection on his emotional response was particularly telling.

“It was the most emotional end to a win I’ve ever experienced. I always wondered why I’ve never cried. I used to see Rubens Barrichello crying… and I was like, that doesn’t happen to me but it hit me hard,” he recounted.

“I think after such a difficult 2021, just tried to continue to come back but also as a team, we’ve had a really difficult time,” he said.

The support from fans has been a critical source of strength for Hamilton, particularly during his toughest moments.

“I still can’t believe I grew up in Stevenage… my dad came round the corner to give me my first helmet. I thought my parents would be my only followers. It’s incredible to have that support. That does lift you up when you see people,” he expressed.

Hamilton’s reflections post-race provided a unique insight into his psyche, revealing vulnerabilities that often remain shielded from public view.

“There were just so many thoughts and doubts in my mind along the way to the point of times where I wanted to not continue. To arrive and to continue to get up, to continue to try, and finally succeed, it’s honestly the greatest feeling I can remember having,” he shared.