Fury as Tourists Watch TV in Hotel Saying There’s ‘Nothing To Do’ in Milan

A woman has caused incredulity by complaining about the Italian city of Milan in a TikTok video, saying there is nothing to do there.

Tia Fountain (@tiafountain1), 22, from Cleethorpes in the U.K. visited Milan with a friend in April 2024 and was less than impressed.

“It was raining and cold and there wasn’t much to do indoors that wasn’t drinking or eating,” she told Newsweek. “If you’re on a budget I wouldn’t say it’s the best for things to do, except walk around. I’m not sure if we stayed in the center, but walking around Milan near the main train station at night as two girls, I personally didn’t feel as safe as I’ve felt in other countries.”

However, Fountain was more enthusiastic about nearby Lake Como.

Fountain and her friend in Milan.
Tia Fountain, left, and a friend, right, are seen in Milan. The two women were not enticed by the city and opted to stay in on their first night in Italy.


“It was nice and easy to get to from Milan. We just walked around the lake got a spritz, pizza and gelato.”

Fountain shared a video of her and her friend watching Gossip Girl, which amassed 374,400 likes and 5.2 million views.

“Arrived in Milan four hours ago and we’re sat in bed at 4pm watching Gossip Girl because there is nothing to do,” Fountain wrote on the overlaid text.

“Please help,” she said in the caption.

Gossip Girl is a popular show from the late 2000s starring Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford which depicts the lives of rich New York City kids.

Many TikTok viewers slated Fountain’s comments.

Rebecca said: “You can’t even go out for a walk? Go to a park? Look at the architecture? No museums or galleries?”

“There’s nothing to do in … MILAN????,” Madison commented.

Milan, Italy.
An image shows the Italian city of Milan. A woman has slammed Milan as a holiday destination, saying there is nothing to do in the city.

Andrei Domanin/iStock / Getty Images Plus

“But just go and explore!! Milan is honestly stunning go taste some food,” another user said.

“Omg – are you kidding. Leonardo Da Vinci’s the Last Supper is in Milan. How/why would you miss that,” someone else said.

“I KNOW you’re not talking about Milan in Italy, because girl whaaaat?” a different commenter added. “Nothing to DO?! Milan is adorable!! Shopping, sit with an espresso and people watch, go get cocktails, food, take a cooking class.”

However, other users agreed with Fountain.

“Best place to visit in Milan is the airport to go somewhere else like Rome, Naples or Venice,” Andrea said.

Milan was the only Italian city to rank in Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities index, attracting 9.1 million visitors in 2019 and ranking 16th globally in terms of total visitor numbers.

Fountain said she would return to Lake Como and the surrounding region for the food but usually opts for beach holidays.

“The social media reaction has been 50/50 with a lot of people agreeing and a lot of people offended because we chose to spend one night in the hotel room,” she said. “I’m not too bothered about the reaction as it’s not other people’s experience, it was mine and my friend’s.”