Golden Retriever’s ‘Tantrum’ After Being Told Off Has Internet In Stitches

Many children hate hearing the word “no,” often leading to tantrums and meltdowns as soon as they hear it. But as it turns out, dogs aren’t that different, as one rescue pup has left the internet in stitches with his childlike fit.

Dog owner Sloane Crum captured the hilarious moment her golden retriever mix River tried to apologize after his latest tantrum one evening, all because she dared to utter the word “no” to him.

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Crum, from Kentucky, told Newsweek that it’s his “least favorite word,” and as soon as he hears it, the theatrics begin. On this occasion, the rescue pup wanted to go out, but when she told him no, he started growling and “being sassy,” as he didn’t get his way.

Following his little meltdown, River was quick to make amends and apologize for his antics. He rested his head on his owner’s shoulder, looking incredibly sorrowful as he did. But Crum wasn’t falling for it (this wasn’t her first rodeo) so River had to keep trying until she finally forgave him once again.

Dog apologizes for tantrum
River the rescue golden retriever mix apologizing after being sassy to his owner. River was desperate to go outside and explore, but as it was almost bedtime, his owner told him the dreaded word “no,”…

@rivermaisen / TikTok

“He was throwing a tantrum because I said the word ‘no,'” Crum said. “He wanted to go somewhere, but it was close to bedtime so I told him we could go somewhere tomorrow instead. He’s always been the biggest baby, and that’s his go-to move in these situations.”

The adorable clip showing his apology was shared on TikTok (@rivermaisen) and it melted plenty of hearts online. Since the video was posted on July 1, it has already gained more than 2.9 million views and over 424,600 likes in just a matter of days.

Crum rescued River from Christian County Humane Society in Kentucky two years ago, and she often contemplates the journey he’s been on from being a shelter dog waiting for a home, to being a pampered pooch who has tantrums.

“River, along with his rescue brother Leo, are quite literally my children and they are the definition of dogs owned by a single girl in her twenties. Naturally, I have full conversations with them, which involve lectures after any tantrums or bad boy behaviors,” she continued.

Given the regularity of River’s tantrums, which he will have over just about anything, Crum has started describing him as a “70-pound toddler.”

Most of the time, she can put a stop to any misbehavior herself; however, there are certain tantrums that are too much for her to handle alone. On those occasions, Crum will call in the big guns, as she jokingly told Newsweek that she FaceTimes her mom for reinforcement.

How Did Social Media React?

Crum regularly posts videos of River and his brother on social media, but she never expected to generate quite this much attention. In just a few days, River has gone viral with millions of views and TikTok users can’t get enough of his humanlike behavior.

There’s no doubt that Crum loves her rescue pup to pieces, but it’s been even more heartening to also see him gain so much support and attention on social media.

“His video immediately took the world by storm, which was surprising because I had already been posting on his page for two years before this. I’m glad that River has gained so much love on top of what he already gets at home,” Crum said.

“To think he once was a shelter pup with no one, to where he is now is wild. I’ve always told him and his brother that I hate their pasts, but I’ll make sure they love their futures.”

With over 3,200 comments on the viral post already, River’s sweet attempt at apologizing has certainly melted hearts and earned him plenty of praise online. One comment reads: “Ma’am! You forgive him this instant! He’s just a tiny baby.”

Another TikTok user wrote: “Call him a good boy right now!”

While another person joked: “Well, I guess the best solution is to just say yes in future.”

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