Grandpa Watching Dog He ‘Doesn’t Want’ Has Best Daily Schedule With Her

A grandfather’s position on his daughter’s dog left social media viewers pleasantly surprised because the detailed schedule he made for his time babysitting the dog doesn’t quite add up.

This grandpa had always said he never wanted a dog, the owner shared in a May 13 TikTok video. The line is as old as time, which is funny because it’s often the ones who don’t want a pet who end up falling in love. And this grandpa surely fell head over heels for Maple the shih tzu.

The video posted by @maple_the_shihtzu shows a photo of Maple’s schedule that the grandpa created. The day was jam-packed with nothing but walks, food, sleep and TV time. The first planned activity of the day should be enough proof that this grandpa’s opinion of dogs has changed because he clearly has a soft spot for Maple. Walk and carrot, what could be better?

The caption reads: “Can you tell grandpa loves his time with Maple?”

Grandpa's schedule with dog
Screenshots from a TikTok video show the schedule a grandfather created for time spent with a dog. The schedule was detailed even though he had claimed he never wanted the pet.


There was no complaining from Maple about this routine. She basically got to eat after every other activity. Plus, she was able to catch up on the best game shows television has to offer.

The owner wrote in the comment ssection that it is Maple’s “special time” whenever she goes to the grandpa’s house.

Newsweek reached out to @maple_the_shihtzu via TikTok for additional comment.

It’s as if grandparents follow an unspoken rule that forces them to spoil their grandchildren, both human and pets, whenever they come over, because this isn’t the first time furry grandbabies have received royal treatment.

A grandparent’s home typically means unlimited treats, which is why one bulldog refused to leave. Another dog waits by the door every week to get picked up for his daily sleepover with Grandpa.

People of all ages can form special bonds with dogs, but seniors especially benefit from canine companionship. Older adults with dogs get more exercise. On average, these dog-owning seniors walk about 22 minutes more than those who don’t own a dog, according to

Dogs can also help lower the risk of heart attacks; provide more social interaction for seniors with dementia; lower depression, anxiety or loneliness; and bring a sense of calmness to seniors.

Viewer Reactions

The precious TikTok video has reached over 318,700 views, 18,700 likes and 239 comments. Viewers were obsessing over the schedule, claiming it was relatable and a dream day.

“Scheduled bread is so real,” said one user, while another wrote: “I need Maple’s life.”

A third person commented: “This dog got the most well-rounded/balanced meals I’ve ever seen. She ain’t gonna wanna go home.”

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