Heartbreaking Message Left on Vet Office Whiteboard Brings ‘Instant Tears’

A simple heartfelt message left at a vet’s office by a child grieving for their dog has reduced TikTok users to tears.

Pets are intertwined into their owners’ daily lives from the joyful greetings and snuggles on the couch to a friendly face when feeling down. But a pet’s constant companionship isn’t forever and grieving their loss hurts everyone.

Children often find grieving a pet especially hard as it might be their first time experiencing the death of a loved one. It’s important for children to honor and remember their pets, which is what one child did at a vet’s office.

In an April 5 TikTok video, a vet office employee captured photos of a note found on the whiteboard in the waiting room. The words user @shainasmiles left on the video read: “Working in vet med is hard,” which couldn’t be more true as the child’s message could make anyone cry.

The child was grieving the loss of the family’s dog and wrote: “I love you Remy! You were a good dog.” Accompanying the message were small drawings and a tiny heart.

Message left on vet whiteboard
Screenshots from an April 5 TikTok video of a message left on a vet office whiteboard. A child wrote a message to their late dog.


The child’s sweet and thoughtful message resonates with all pet owners, reminding everyone that even though a pet passes, the love shared with them will last forever.

Newsweek reached out to @shainasmiles via TikTok for additional comment.

Children’s Hospital of Orange County emphasized the importance of having clear communication with kids as they go through the emotional roller coaster of grief. Suggestions for working through the grief include gathering to honor and celebrate a pet’s life, framing a child’s favorite pictures of their pet, writing down special memories, creating a scrapbook, poem, or song, and allowing them to keep mementos like a collar or toy.

Viewer Reactions

The gut-wrenching TikTok clip amassed over 590,200 views, 91,500 likes, and 437 comments. There was not a dry eye in the comment section.

“All I do on this app is cry and then cry some more,” wrote a viewer.

Someone else said what most felt: “Instant tears.”

Thankfully, the message on the board proves that the pet was adored. A user commented: “Remy had a loving family and warm home, something not every dog gets. Rip Remy, I’m glad you were so loved.”

Another shared a similar story at their office: “One of our clients picked up their pet’s ashes and said, ‘Come on girl, let’s go home.’ My heart shattered.”

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