Internet Can’t Cope With Sweet Gesture From Boyfriend Caught on Camera

Candid has never been as sweet as one viral moment between a couple that has charmed internet users.

A video posted by Elly Hudson (@ellyhudson) has gone viral for revealing camera footage of her boyfriend surprising her at work. The couple were so excited to see each other that they danced and jumped up and down, leaving viewers gushing. Since the video was posted on May 10, it has received over 1.6 million views, more than 258,000 likes and 585 comments.

“Ladies, get you a man who makes you this happy,” Hudson captioned the video. “Find a man who brings you flowers and lunch to work. Who keeps his standards up even once he has you.”

In the clip, recorded with what looks like a security camera, Hudson’s boyfriend walks into a clothing store with goodies for Elly. Upon seeing him, she breaks into dance and goes around the counter to embrace him. The two jump up and down together joyfully.

The caption reads that Hudson’s boyfriend has been doing things like this for her since the two met—”and I still get excited every time,” she wrote. As viewers can see in the video, it seems her boyfriend gets just as excited.

“How cute is he,” she wrote. “Thirty-year-old jumping around like a puppy.”

Viewers agreed. They praised Hudson for keeping her standards high—and her boyfriend for meeting them.

“She’s happy, that’s what makes him happy,” @damariobuckland wrote, to which Hudson replied: “So, so true. He’d so agree to this and always says similar.”

Many in the comments were vying for a love like Hudson’s and asking her where they could find a partner like this. Her advice, though, was for them to slow down and work on themselves first.

“Don’t go looking!” she wrote. “Just be the best version of yourself! Be a good kind person and put out what you want to receive.”

Hudson’s TikTok page is full of proof that the right love found her. She posts about her boyfriend and their relationship often. In another viral video, she revealed some of the heartwarming messages he sends her on a daily basis.

“Thinking of you, my pretty girl,” the boyfriend wrote to her. “Hope your smile is big and beautiful today.” Other messages from him praised her, offered her acts of service and wished her well.

“Thank you for sharing this with us,” @thestephaniek commented on the most-recent camera footage. “Further proof that men like this exist.”

Newsweek reached out to @ellyhudson for comment via TikTok.

A man picks up his girlfriend
A man picks up his girlfriend in a forest. A video on TikTok has gone viral for revealing a boyfriend’s sweet gesture for his partner caught on camera.

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