Joe Biden’s 2024 Nomination Odds Surge after ‘Defiant’ Interview

Joe Biden’s odds of staying in the 2024 presidential race improved sharply with leading bookmakers following his high-stakes interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Friday.

According to Bet 365, the odds on Biden being the Democratic Party candidate in November went from 2/1 (33.3 percent) on Thursday, prior to the time of broadcast, to 11/8 (42.1 percent) as of 4 a.m. ET on Saturday. During the same period, Biden’s odds with both Paddy Power and Betfair went from 15/8 (34.8 percent) to 11/8 (42.1 percent).

Biden has faced calls to step down from the presidential race from within his own party following his June 27 debate with Donald Trump in Atlanta on CNN, during which the 81-year-old incumbent appeared at several points to get lost in his own sentences.

Biden hit back at those calling for him to step aside during Friday’s ABC interview, commenting: “I’m not letting one 90-minute debate wipe out three and a half years of work. I’m staying in the race, and I will beat Donald Trump.”

Asked if he could be persuaded to “stand down” Biden replied: “If the Lord almighty came down and said, ‘Joe, get out of the race,’ I might get out of the race—the Lord almighty’s not coming down.”

Biden also used the interview to attribute his performance during the Trump debate to a bad cold, and being distracted by the Republican candidate.

He said: “I was sick, I was feeling terrible. It was a bad episode.” Referring to Trump spreading what he regarded as misinformation Biden added: “I let it distract me. I realized I just wasn’t in control.”

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden waves as he boards Air Force One. The betting odds have tightened on Biden still being the Democratic candidate in November following an interview broadcast on Friday.


Asked if he would submit to an independent cognitive assessment, Biden declined, commenting: “I get a full neurological test every day.”

He later added: “I have medical doctors trailing me everywhere I go. I have an ongoing assessment of what I’m doing. They don’t hesitate to tell me if something is wrong.”

Newsweek contacted Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign by email on Sunday outside of usual office hours.

In February the White House released Biden’s annual health summary, written by his physician Kevin O’Conner, which described him as “a healthy, active, robust 81-year-old male, who remains fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency.”

Four House Democrats have now urged Biden to step down from the 2024 presidential race including 65-year-old Representative Mike Quigley during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Friday evening.

Addressing Biden he said: “Mr. President, your legacy is set. We owe you the greatest debt of gratitude. The only thing that you can do now to cement that for all time and prevent utter catastrophe is to step down and let someone else do this.”

Speaking to WBUR on Thursday Massachusetts Representative Seth Moulton, 45, said: “President Biden has done enormous service to our country, but now is the time for him to follow in one of our founding father George Washington’s footsteps and step aside to let new leaders rise up and run against Donald Trump.

“Since Thursday night, I have been having nonstop, tough, honest conversations with colleagues and other Democrats. I’m taking time to seriously consider the best strategy for Democrats to win this election and set our country on a positive path forward.”