Late Uber Driver Makes Unexpected Stop, Customer in Shock at What They Do

A man in Seattle has revealed how an Uber trip took an unexpected turn, leaving him both surprised and amused.

Kramer recounted the incident that happened last June. Initially, the driver was late because he had stopped off at Starbucks on the way to collect him.

Despite the delay, things were about to get even stranger. After picking Kramer up, the passenger says the driver stopped on the side of the road to relive himself.

A spokesperson for Uber told Newsweek: “At Uber we want every ride to feel safe, respectful, and positive. We understand the rider’s concern here, and we’re very sorry for their experience.”

Uber driver outside car
A picture taken from the car of the Uber driver who got out mid-ride to use the bathroom.


Thankfully, Kramer said he wasn’t too worried, and was more amused by the situation than anything else: “This happened last June. I told him no biggy and popped my earbuds in,” Kramer told Newsweek.

The mobile-app based ride-share company Uber was founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp after they had trouble hailing a cab in Paris.

As of 2023, Uber’s monthly users were reported at 130 million and the company operates in 72 countries.

Uber drivers are classified as independent contractors and the company takes a percentage of each earning to facilitate the jobs through the app.

Taking to Reddit’s r/WellThatSucks subreddit, Kramer shared the unusual twist in his Uber ride experience, titling his post: “My Uber driver was late, then got out to pee.” Accompanied by a screenshot from his Snapchat, that he said featured a candid picture of the driver, Kramer’s post quickly gained traction, accumulating more than 6,000 upvotes and numerous comments.

Online, people shared their thoughts in the comments section. Redditor cranberry-_-sauce joked: “At least he went outside the car.”

While BNG1982 joked: “He was making his territory to keep other Uber drivers away. Common practice.”

Others were quick to side with the driver. Always2ndB3ST said: “Let the man take a leak. Happens to the best of us.”

While PlasticPiccollo said: “5 star the poor bloke it’s a mad hustle.”

“I’m fine with this, actually,” agreed mrkesu.

This isn’t the first time an Uber trip has gained viral attention, last month one driver’s very specific ride menu left people stunned.

A Reddit user shared a photo of the printed list that had 10 options, starting with “awkward ride” where the driver and passenger sit in silence, to the “tour guide ride” where the driver offered recommendations for their stay.

Other options include “the analyst ride” where the driver offered to listen to any problems they may have, and the “deep questions drive” where the driver is happy to chat about the meaning of life and other big topics.