Man Proposes to Girlfriend in Park but Her Goldendoodle Has Other Ideas

While a wedding proposal is between two partners hoping to take their relationship to the next level, it is also an acceptance of each other’s lives, a merging of families into one, which, of course, includes the furry members as well.

A man’s proposal didn’t go quite as expected when his girlfriend’s goldendoodle came along for the special moment in a March 13 TikTok video posted to the account @intuitive.wellness_. The three of them were at a park in San Diego when the dog noticed something inside a tennis ball. Thankfully, the man picked it up before the dog could ruin the moment.

Then, he got down on one knee shortly after and immediately the dog thought whatever was happening was meant for her. She stood between the man and his girlfriend with a giant smile plastered over her face.

In the dog’s mind, it was finally happening and she “waited her whole life for this.” She wouldn’t move out of the way of the real proposal, jumping the gun and saying yes.

Dog in middle of proposal
Screenshots from a March 13 TikTok video of a goldendoodle getting in the middle of her owner’s engagement. The dog thought the man was proposing to her.


Little did the dog know that right behind her was her mom who was standing there with her jaw on the floor. This owner knew the proposal was for her. She eventually got her dog out of the way to say yes.

Luckily, it didn’t seem like the dog minded not being the right one for the man. She will still be part of the family. Plus, the owner said in the caption that her dog wasn’t mad for long, especially since she found the treats he was hiding the whole time. The dog didn’t hesitate to eat the treats while her parents embraced each other.

Video Reactions

The beautiful and hilarious moment caught on camera was then shared on TikTok, reaching over 67,700 views, 7,448 likes, and 46 comments as of Wednesday.

“She is the star and she knows it,” commented one viewer. She needed to give her yes before her mom did because it’s her life and they’re all just living in it.

Others were commenting on what was going through the dog’s mind: “Precious angel said, ‘I thought you’d never ask.'”

Another added: “Doggy says, ‘We’re a package deal. If you propose to her, you must also propose to me.'” Those are the rules!

Newsweek contacted @intuitive.wellness_ via TikTok for additional comment.

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