Millennial Mom Shares Horror at Her Daughter’s Throwback Request

A shocked mom has gone viral after she went to the salon with her daughter, who wanted a throwback hairstyle.

Kailey Wood (@the_geriatricmillennial), 37, revealed her disbelief when her daughter Lauren Wood, 11, said she wanted Kelly Clarkson chunky blonde highlights.

“When we were on our way to the salon I asked her to pull up some inspo pics to show the stylist and they were all chunky blonde – I couldn’t believe it!

“I was in high school when they were popular, graduated in 2004, and I wanted them, but never got them, so when she showed me I was like are you sure?!?” Wood told Newsweek.

Kailey Wood recounted her daughter's hair request.
Kailey Wood recounted her daughter’s hair request. The mom could not believe the trend from her youth has returned.


Wood shared her surprise in a TikTok video, which has amassed 264,600 likes and 2.9 million views.

“This is what I want and you can’t convince me otherwise,” the 11-year-old said.

The mom said she would pay her daughter $200 not to go through with the look, but her daughter was insistent.

Singer Kelly Clarkson’s zebra-esque locks dominated the early 2000s as she performed weekly on American Idol in 2002 donning the high contrast blonde and brunette highlights.

“I tried showing her different styles, but she only wanted thick chunky highlights. She is 11 and her sister is 13 so daily I feel like I am seeing them pull up some fashion trend that I experienced in middle and high school: baggy jeans, flares, 90s smiley face shirts, music, makeup and now hair,” said the mom.

The mother and daughter managed to reach a short-term compromise.

The 37-year-old gently suggested her brunette daughter started off with smaller highlights to see if she liked them.

However, the daughter still has her heart set on the chunky blonde highlights and will return to the salon this weekend for her full transformation.

Commenters weighed in on the reemergence of the old trend, with hair stylists sharing their thoughts.

Lauren Wood's finished look.
Lauren Wood’s finished look. It’s back.


“I’m a stylist and chunky highlights are definitely back. It’s wild,” said Tiff Crowe.

“My 18yo daughter came home with chunky blonde highlights and I pulled out old photo albums and she is now twins with me from my past life,” Erin said.

“The way I begged my mom and hair stylist to give me Kelly Clarkson chunky highlights in 03 and was devastated when I left with completely regular looking blonde highlights,” Cee said.

“As a hairstylist, please God I haven’t had anyone asked for that yet don’t want to do it,” Patricia Hodges said.

“My step sister bleached 6 chunky highlights on the top of my head and I tell you I have war flashbacks from time to time,” another user commented.