Mom Buys Playing Cards for Family Trip, No One Expects What She Brings Back

Anyone who has ever played a game of poker knows how important it is to keep your cards close to your chest.

That’s not quite so easy when you’re playing with giant novelty playing cards, as TikTok user @heyitsneeto discovered. The 26-year-old has delighted the internet after showing just how difficult the family’s game was with the large A4-sized pack of cards in a TikTok post that’s since gone viral.

The TikToker from Liverpool, United Kingdom, who prefers to go by the name Neeto, couldn’t believe the size of the playing cards that her mom purchased, telling Newsweek that it was “surreal” to attempt a serious game with them.

There was certainly no need for subtle glances or looking over someone’s shoulder as these cards could probably be seen from outer space.

Since she shared the pictures on TikTok, social media users have been delighted by the unusual cards. The post has already gained over 151,700 views and more than 21,700 likes on TikTok at the time of writing.

Giant novelty playing cards
The family playing with the giant novelty playing cards. The huge cards made it difficult to keep anything a secret during the game, but they also made it memorable.

@heyitsneeto / TikTok

Neeto said: “We forgot to bring a deck of cards, so my mum and dad ran out to get some, but we were in the middle of nowhere so there weren’t many shops. My mum swears that those were the only ones she could find, but she’s a menace so I can imagine her finding these giant cards and not looking for more reasonable ones.

“They made it so hard to play with. You don’t realize how easy you’ve got it hiding your hand from everyone until you’ve got 10 A4 pieces of card in front of you, and you’re trying to keep them close to your chest. Don’t even get me started on shuffling them.”

The novelty cards certainly made it a memorable vacation to the Peak District in the U.K, as Neeto jokes that they “never laughed so much” during a game before. As she looked back at the pictures, she couldn’t stop laughing at the sheer size of the cards, as she said that her family “looked like Borrowers,” in reference to the 1997 movie of the same name that shows a miniature family of 4-inch people. It is based on the 1952 children’s novel by author Mary Norton

Now, the cards have become a popular family favorite and they get them out at every vacation and holiday.

“We love playing cards or board games together. It’s such a nice way to be present and have a laugh together without any distractions,” Neeto told Newsweek.

After sharing the pictures online, the TikToker was not prepared to see it generate such an overwhelming response. So many people loved the idea of trying to play a competitive game of cards with such a “ridiculous” deck.

“My parents are so funny. and this was just a silly thing I shared on a whim when I was scrolling through photos,” Neeto continued. “My mum was buzzing when I showed her how many people online loved her. She went round work telling everyone she was an online sensation.

“I find social media a tough place to be most of the time, but it’s been lovely to have a pocket of lighthearted, wholesome fun.”

With over 180 comments on the TikTok post, many social media users loved the idea of turning a simple game of cards into such a hilarious challenge with this pack. One comment read: “Genuinely laughed out loud at this.”

Another person responded: “Core memory.”

While another TikToker commented: “I would actually be crying if this happened to me.”

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