NASCAR Champion Ryan Blaney Outraged With Carson Hocevar’s Driving Ahead Of Chicago Street Race

NASCAR driver Carson Hocevar’s aggressive driving in Nashville last weekend escalated tensions among racers. NASCAR Cup Series champion Ryan Blaney was especially critical of the driver’s actions. During Nashville’s Ally 400, Hocevar intentionally crashed into Harrison Burton by hooking his rear right, drawing anger from fellow drivers.

Blaney did not mince his words when addressing the behavior of the younger driver, Hocevar, who is known for his aggressive approach in past racing series. Blaney expressed his views shortly after the incident.

“That’s something I’ve seen too many times out of that guy from different series,” Blaney remarked via NBC Sports, calling into question Hocevar’s track etiquette and decision-making processes under these types of high-pressure driving conditions. “That’s not cool. Don’t do that. They parked Layne Riggs for two laps for running through the back of somebody in that truck race at Nashville.

“I think everyone made a big deal when Hocevar did that in the Cup race, and then they rightfully penalized him after the race. That’s the only way you’ll get that stuff to stop. You have to make them pay a lot of money, fine them from points, things like that. If it’s bad enough, make them sit out.”

Carson Hocevar
Carson Hocevar, driver of the #77 Premier Security walks in the garage during practice for the NASCAR Cup Series Iowa Corn 350 at Iowa Speedway on June 14, 2024 in Newton, Iowa. HE was fined…

James Gilbert/Getty Images

The severity of the incident did not go unnoticed by NASCAR officials, who responded by penalizing Hocevar with a substantial $50,000 fine and a 25-point deduction in the driver standings.

Announced last Tuesday evening, these penalties are intended as a corrective measure to instil better judgment amongst the drivers and preserve the competitive integrity of the sport. Blaney wholeheartedly supported the decision, as he highlighted the need for tangible consequences following such grave infringements.

“I think NASCAR did the right thing of penalizing because you have to slap people. There has to be repercussions for what you do when it’s something like that,” he stated, hoping the financial penalty and the dent in standings serve as a stern reminder to Hocevar.

With the point deduction, Hocevar now finds himself in 24th place, trailing significantly at 181 points behind the playoff cutline, a setback that only a victory can remedy given the current standings.

Looking forward, Ryan Blaney still maintains a cautious stance when racing alongside the Michigan driver, given the recurrent nature of such actions.

“And like I said, that’s something I’ve seen reoccurring with him that hopefully he learns from it, and hopefully when there’s a little bit of hole in his pocket after the money he had to pay, it teaches you a lesson of don’t do that anymore.”