NASCAR News: Kyle Busch Speaks Out Over ‘Dismal and Heart-Breaking’ Performance

Kyle Busch, a strong figure in NASCAR and a two-time Cup champion, has voiced his distress after a particularly disappointing performance leading up to the Chicago Street Race on Sunday, July 7th. A member of Richard Childress Racing (RCR), Busch termed his ongoing season as not just disappointing but “dismal and heartbreaking.” This race marks yet another setback in what has been a challenging series for the seasoned driver.

Busch’s struggles are not just in regard to individual races. Reflecting on a broader scale, he has failed to secure a win in the last 40 races, a stark contrast to his celebrated career highs. Currently, he is battling merely to secure a playoff position, facing the stark possibility of missing the playoffs for the first time since 2012.

“Richard and I have had some discussions on some stuff and just trying to get better, trying to push in every area that we possibly can, body shop, chassis shop, assembly, all that stuff,” Busch admitted.

“It’s just the competition side, the engineering side, all of that stuff and be making sure that we’re doing all the best we can and understanding the information we have given to us the best we can as there are other Chevy teams that are being able to do a better job than what we are with all of that.”

Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch, driver of the #8 zone/Thorntons Chevrolet, exits his car and reacts after an on-track incident during the NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway on June 30, 2024 in Lebanon, Tennessee. Busch…

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

In comparing his team’s performance to peers, especially Hendrick Motorsports—which also operates Chevrolet cars—Busch highlighted a notable discrepancy:

“If we were the best of the Chevy teams and we were struggling and not winning, then it would be a different problem across the board. But Hendrick seems to be doing just fine, so we’ve got to catch up to at least that.”

The emotional toll of these ongoing issues is palpable.

“It’s been so dismal and so heartbreaking that I have a hard time dealing with enough stuff in my life that every Sunday to keep adding to it is getting harder and harder to deal with.”

Further compounding his series of unfortunate events, the previous race, the Ally 400, ended in disappointment during an overtime reset, where an incident caused by Kyle Larson running out of fuel led to a wreck that ended Busch’s race prematurely, placing him in 27th position.

Despite these series of setbacks, Busch remains hopeful about turning around the situation, highlighting the collective effort needed to pull out from this slump starting from the Chicago race onwards

As the season progresses, all eyes will undoubtedly be on Kyle Buscha and RCR, watching for a resurgence that the team very much needs.