Patriots Legend is Joining Tom Brady in Bid For Raiders Ownership Stake: Report

Back in 2023, Tom Brady began to spin the wheels on securing an ownership stake of the Las Vegas Raiders. The issue is that ownership of a team would need the approval of at least 24 NFL owners. Brady has yet to see that come to fruition but commissioner Roger Goodell announced in May 2024 that the potential buy-in was “making progress.”

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One of the biggest issues that many NFL owners have expressed regarding Brady’s bid is that he is set to also join Fox as a broadcaster this season. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, “It’s believed that parameters have been developed to address the issues that would arise from Brady, as an owner of the Raiders, being involved in meetings and attending practices involving teams that compete with the Raiders. (Whether those parameters are sufficient will depend, frankly, on what they are.)”

Despite Brady experiencing some roadblocks in his minority stake in the Raiders, he will now be joined by a New England Patriots legend to help speed along the process.

Patriots team celebrating Super Bowl win
SAME AS REUTERS New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft (L) celebrates with quarterback Tom Brady (2nd from L), defensive end Richard Seymour, head coach Bill Belichick, linebacker Tedy Bruschi holding the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl…

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Florio revealed that Super Bowl champion and legendary Patriots defensive end Richard Seymour is joining forces with Brady for an ownership stake in the Raiders. “Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hall of Fame defensive lineman Richard Seymour is close to finalizing a deal to become an owner and limited partner of the Raiders,” Florio stated.

“Seymour, we’re told, will join forces with Brady. Together (and with their own partners) they would own 10.4 percent of the team. The combination of Seymour and Brady is expected to resolve most of the concerns about Brady’s bid. Among other things, Mark Davis originally proposed giving Brady a steep discount over market value. That didn’t fly with the other owners,” Florio added.

Though Seymour and Brady would be buying in together, they will seemingly also be using their own partners to help along their purchase of 10.4 percent of the Las Vegas Raiders.

It’s interesting that Seymour has come along now, especially with the trouble that Brady has had thus far to get approval from NFL owners. It could be that Seymour being added to the bid could help smooth over the fact that Brady will still be in the broadcast booth this fall.

This is also not the only Las Vegas team that Brady would have an ownership stake in. He joined forces with Raiders owner Mark Davis in a similar deal to become a part owner of the WNBA team, the Las Vegas Aces. Davis is currently the majority owner of the team, which could have been another spark in how Brady made a bid to secure a part ownership for the Raiders.

With Brady officially retired from the NFL, he has been focused on his entrepreneurial pursuits. If and when Brady and Seymour’s bid is approved, they would become the third and fourth players in league history to own part of a team.