Russia Suffers Highest Daily Casualties Of War So Far: Kyiv

Ukrainian howitzer firing in Kharkiv region April
Ukrainian gunners fire at Russian positions in the Kharkiv region in April. Russia lost 1,740 troops in a single day from Sunday to Monday, according to Kyiv.


Russia lost 1,740 troops in a single day, marking the highest number of daily Russian casualties since the start of the war more than two years ago, Ukraine’s military said on Monday.

Moscow’s troops have sustained around 484,030 casualties since the Kremlin launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, according to statistics published by Kyiv’s armed forces.

In an update posted to social media, Ukraine’s military also said Russian forces had lost more than 30 tanks and 42 armored vehicles in the previous 24 hours.

Casualty counts and equipment losses are notoriously difficult to pin down, and experts caution that both sides likely inflate the other’s reported losses.

But the figures do offer some indication of the scale of the war’s impact, deep into its third year and as Russia launches a new offensive in northeastern Ukraine.

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