Sebastian Vettel Seeks Clarity Over Christian Horner Allegations

Sebastian Vettel has called for greater openness from Red Bull and Christian Horner amid the ongoing allegations surrounding the team principal. The four-time F1 champion’s plea comes as he eyes a potential return to motorsport after the testing of a Porsche hypercar.

After a period away from the limelight, Sebastian Vettel is once again attracting attention in the world of Formula 1. His recent involvement in testing a Porsche hypercar has sparked rumours about a possible return to the circuit, albeit at Le Mans rather than the open-wheeled sport we know him from. More than his potential comeback, however, Vettel is vocal about the need for transparency within the sport, especially regarding the ongoing situation at Red Bull Racing involving team chief Christian Horner.

The German’s relationship with Red Bull, Horner, and consultant Dr Helmut Marko, from his tenure as a four-time world champion with the team, gives him a unique perspective on the matter.

Speaking to Sky Sports Germany, the former driver confessed that, like most of us, he knows very little of the truth behind the allegations against the Milton Keynes crew chief.

Sebastian Vettel at the Nurburgring
Sebastian Vettel seen during the Red Bull Formula Nuerburgring at the Nuerburgring in Germany on September 9, 2023.

Joerg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

“Of course, I still know the team, Christian [Horner] and Dr. Marko very well, also from my time there. But it is very difficult for me to have an opinion because you don’t know what happened and what didn’t happen. I think people would like a bit more transparency in this respect, but I hope with time this will all be clarified.”

The emphasis on transparency, according to Vettel, extends beyond Formula 1. It reflects a broader societal demand for visibility in processes, encouraging the belief that openness should not be feared if there is nothing to hide.

“I believe that processes can become visible, provided people dare to take certain steps. I think from the principle that you have nothing to hide, you should not shy away from transparency.

“This applies to sport in general. I think many viewers would be interested in this. But if the information were accessible, many questions could be answered on their own.”

Amidst these calls for clarity, the situation surrounding Horner has recently taken a new turn. The woman who initially accused Horner of inappropriate behaviour has taken her case further, appealing against the decision to clear him of the charges. Additionally, a complaint has been lodged with the FIA’s ethics committee, potentially leading to more scrutiny and possibly, the transparency Vettel and others are hoping for.