Shelter Dog Finds Peace At Last On First Night In Foster Home

Animals who are only used to a life of tragedy and living in a shelter typically take time to adjust when they find themselves in a new home. But one foster pup instantly found relief.

The January 7 TikTok video posted by user @grittybrittty shows the foster dog Cynthia wrapped up in the arms of her foster parent on the couch. It was only her first night living with her foster parents yet, she was already at peace.

The loud and stressful animal shelter environment didn’t follow her there. She was not boarded up behind a kennel. All that surrounded her was love. She finally had a chance to get a restful slumber.

The caption reads: “She’s so happy to be here.”

She was so content sprawled out on the couch. There was even a faint smile forming across Cynthia’s face as the foster parent snuggled and petted her.

The TikTok video had 265,400 views, 33,600 likes, and 201 comments as of Thursday, bringing tears of joy to viewers.

“Probably the best night’s sleep that doggo has had,” wrote one viewer.

Another added: “Wow, the full body love..thank you for your kindness.”

A third user said: “This is beyond adorable! I’m so happy for this doggo.” All shelter animals should be able to experience peace and love like this.

A majority of viewers were pulling for a foster fail, which means the foster parents ended up adopting Cynthia. But the video creator updated everyone in a follow-up video that the dog had a forever family lined up, otherwise she would have kept Cynthia in a heartbeat.

“I much rather go on this emotional rollercoaster of loving the heck out of these dogs, forming a bond, and personally feeling a little bit of heartbreak when they venture on to their forever family,” she wrote in the caption. “I’d rather feel this than have them never feel the love of a warm, secure, safe home.”

Plus, fostering a dog inadvertently helps out more than one dog. Fostering helps clear up space in severely overcrowded animal shelters. This then allows shelters to take in more surrenders or strays. It is a cycle that keeps giving dogs the best chance at a happy ending.

Newsweek reached out to @grittybrittty via TikTok for additional comment.

Black dog sleeping on couch
A stock image of a black dog sleeping on the couch. A foster dog found peace during his first night while cuddling with the foster dad in heartwarming January 7 TikTok video.


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