Suns’ Kevin Durant Breaks Silence On Recent Trade Rumors

The NBA has seen some great talent enter the league over the years, giving the league real credibility among fans. The current crop of star players may be some of the most talented to ever play the game, including some of the older stars. One of which is Kevin Durant of the Phoenix Suns, who has continued to be dominant on the court despite him getting up there in age. Durant is one of the best scorers of a basketball ever to grace the NBA floor but he has developed a reputation over the years.

Kevin Durant
PHOENIX, ARIZONA – APRIL 26: Kevin Durant #35 of the Phoenix Suns walks down the court during the second half of game three of the Western Conference First Round Playoffs against the Minnesota Timberwolves at…

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He is a two-time NBA champion and a former league MVP, but Durant seems to have taken the blame for switching teams a few times. His mindset regarding his current squad always seems to be a talking point, something that Durant hasn’t been happy about. Recently, there was talk about the Suns potentially trading Durant before the 2024 NBA Draft. However, Suns owner Mat Ishbia quickly shot those rumors down. But it hasn’t stopped people from talking about the potential of Pheonix to move on from the Durant experiment.

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Durant spoke with Yahoo Sports following his practice with Team USA to discuss the trade rumors that had been floating around. He signaled that it’s just a narrative people consistently use to get views.

“You could just press the ‘KD want to leave’ button anytime you want some attention,” Durant told Yahoo Sports in an exclusive interview Saturday afternoon following Team USA’s first practice. Yes, it’s a button. What else is gonna get people going around this time? Besides, ‘Oh, the journeyman is leaving again.’ That story is always gonna hit.”

Durant has built a reputation as someone who jumps from team to team over the years, depending on his situation. But he has never once seemed unhappy while in Phoenix, so the trade rumors come out of nowhere. He is playing alongside two other star players, Devin Booker and Bradley Beal, giving the Suns a chance to win a title. Pheonix also brought in a new championship head coach, Mike Budenholzer, adding to the potential of this team.

“So for somebody to say, ‘Phoenix wants to get out of the KD (business),’ I’m sitting here like, where is this coming from?” Durant said. “It bothers me that people lie like that and that the audience eats up the headline. I get sad when people buy into lies and just make up s***.

Durant is here to stay in Phoenix as he looks to help bring the city a title. While there is no guarantee he won’t ever ask out, Durant understands that he has a good chance to win with the Suns. He seems happy for the first time in a while, and that is all that really matters to the majority of players.

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