Taylor Swift Fan Praises ‘Thrift Gods’ Over $5 Find at Goodwill

A woman has shared an astonishing discovery made at a thrift store—a piece of merchandise from Taylor Swift’s ongoing Eras Tour.

In a stroke of luck, TikToker @fimarshall was browsing the racks of her local Goodwill store when she stumbled on the Eras hoodie on sale for just $5.

A video of the moment has been shared on TikTok where it has now been viewed over 1 million times.

“Casually finding an Eras Tour quarter zip at Goodwill,” @fimarshall said in the video as she showed the coveted piece of merchandise on the rack, adding in a caption: “thrift gods were on my side today.” The hoodie, originally sold for $65 at Swift’s concert merch stands, is part of the Eras Tour collection, which fans have been eagerly snapping up.

The TikTok post quickly filled with comments from both shocked and envious Swifties. User highcountrylemon commented: “Even if it wasn’t my size it would be coming home with me.” While Linz added: “I beg your FINEST PARDON?!”

It seemed the poster wasn’t the only one who made such a discovery. Commenter Bri Boyer said: “I found the crew version of this at Goodwill for $7!!! I guess people are over it good thing I’m not!”

While Juls, astounded, said: “That’s crazy. I’ve found Rep [Reputation] merch but ERAS?? That’s still for sale.”

Viewer Abby said: “Oh my I’m so jealous that’s the piece of merch I want but it’s not on the site.”

Eras tour at Goodwill
A picture from the video of the Eras Tour Taylor Swift merch found in a Goodwill store.


The Eras Tour’s merchandise has become highly sought after, with items ranging from $75 hoodies and $65 quarter-zip pullovers to $45 tour T-shirts and $25 water bottles. Fans have eagerly spent on these items, making the $5 Goodwill find even more remarkable.

Swift’s Eras Tour has been nothing short of historic. Swift is set to play another 31 dates before the end of this year, building on the astonishing success of the 2023 leg of the tour, which made her the first artist to gross over $1 billion. With a reported $1.04 billion in earnings, she eclipsed the previous record held by Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which grossed $939 million in 2022-2023.

But it isn’t just ticket sales that have made Swift her millions, merchandise has played a significant role too. At many venues, merchandise has been available for sale hours and even days before concerts kick off.

According to a Pollstar estimate, Swift’s merch sales generate an average of $40 per concertgoer, bringing merch revenue to more than $200 million by the end of the tour.

In a later update, the poster revealed that she snapped up the $5 hoodie to give to a friend’s mom.

Newsweek reached out to @fimarshall via TikTok for comment.