Today’s ‘Wordle’ #1,019, Hints and Answer for Wednesday, April 3 Puzzle

When is your favorite time of the day to play Wordle?

Some people like to play it first thing in the morning, or during their lunch break as an afternoon pick-me-up, while others like to unwind in front of the TV at night and try to solve the daily word puzzle.

The New York Times purchased the game in 2022 from creator Josh Wardle and in December, two of its writers analyzed 515 million games of Wordle with some surprising results.

wordle on phone
A person playing online word game “Wordle” on a mobile phone in Washington, DC on January 11, 2022. Five letters, six attempts, and only one word per day: the formula for “Wordle” is simple.

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They found that while “adieu” was one in the top 30 of most used starting words, it was in fact, the least efficient.

“The strategy seems to make sense: Figure out the vowels, and the other letters will fall into place,” explained authors Josh Katz and Aatish Bhatia for the NYT.

“Our new analysis, though, shows that starting with ADIEU or AUDIO does actually put human players at a disadvantage.”

They continued: “On average, players who started with ADIEU needed about a third of a turn more to solve their Wordles compared with players who started with SLATE, adding up to 132 extra turns over the course of a year.”

Playing Wordle is simple enough and it’s all about the process of elimination. You start by typing in the word you think might be the word of the day on the Wordle app or website, and then press enter to see your results.

A color-coded tile system will tell you what you got right and what you didn’t as the letters flip over to give you the results.

A green tile means the letter is correct, while yellow tells you the letter does appear in the word but is just in the wrong spot and finally, a gray tile shows that letter does not appear in the word at all.

If you need a hand solving today’s Wordle puzzle, Newsweek has put together a few hints to get you over the line. But be warned, the answer appears at the end of this article, so scroll with caution.

‘Wordle’ #1,019, Clues for Wednesday, April 3

Hint #1: Today’s Wordle contains two vowels.

Hint #2: There are no repeated letters.

Hint #3: It is a noun and a verb.

Hint #4: The third letter is a vowel.

Hint #5: Today’s answer starts with the letter “P.”

‘Wordle’ #1,019, Answer for Wednesday, April 3

The answer to today’s Wordle is “Plait.”

Wordle resets at midnight in your local time zone. Until then, why not give these other word puzzle games a try?