Watch Dog’s Reaction to Seeing Grandma for First Time in Months: ‘Obsessed’

A TikTok video of a dog reacting to seeing grandma for the first time in months has won over the internet’s heart.

TikTok user @_jaydianna has a Yorkshire terrier, bichon mix who without a doubt loves grandma. The owner wrote in the caption that the two of them are “obsessed with each other.”

So what other way is her dog supposed to react when he spots grandma coming to the car from the airport? He knew how to make her feel special with his reaction.

Sweet reaction from a dog seeing grandma for the first time in months.

The dog totally understood what was going on too because as soon as the owner said to look in a certain direction, his doggy eyes were peeled to the correct window, patiently waiting to spot grandma.

One might think after being separated for months a dog wouldn’t have quite as big a reaction when reunited because maybe they had forgotten about that person. But perhaps unsurprisingly, dogs can recognize people even after a long time apart. Oftentimes, the longer time they spend separated, the bigger a dog’s reaction can be.

Dogs can recognize people in a few different ways, although facial recognition is the most common, according to canine-care service provider, Wag. A dog’s sense of smell, with their 300 million olfactory receptors compared to a human’s 6 million, is another way they can recognize a familiar person. Dogs remember and distinguish smells.

But for this dog, all it took was one glance before he started reacting.

There are specific body language indicators that let people know whether or not a dog recognizes them. These include barking, head tilting, whining, panting, jumping up, howling, tail wagging, and raised ears.

The dog in the video was speechless and let the tail do all the talking.

Maltese Yorkshire Terrier dog mix
A stock photo of a Maltese Yorkshire terrier dog. One dog’s epic reaction to seeing grandma for the first time in months has left viewers speechless.
Rebecca Bloom/Getty Images

How Viewers Reacted

The October 25 TikTok video, which brought in more than 671,500 views, had users instantly swooning over the adorable interaction. Every part of that dog’s body radiated happiness and excitement about seeing grandma.

“Baby almost took flight with that tail wag,” pointed out one viewer.

Another TikTok user added: “Notice the eyes get bigger when she said grandma. So cute.”

“Someone needs to start a petition so these two besties don’t have to go months without seeing each other again,” poster another.

“He knows exactly what you’re saying. He said, ‘Finally, where have you been?'” commented @ms.danise8.

Newsweek reached out to @_jaydianna via TikTok for comment.

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