Who is Sam Altman’s Partner? Everything to Know About Oliver Mulherin

Sam Altman has fast become a prominent figure in the technology industry, known for his contributions to artificial intelligence and his leadership in navigating the ethical and practical challenges posed by AI advancements.

Less is known about his husband, Oliver Mulherin. The couple were first seen together at a dinner at the White House in 2023. Since then, the two have been married, and have said that they want to start a family together.

Who is Oliver Mulherin?

Oliver Mulherin is an Australian software engineer, who has been in a long-term relationship with Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI. The couple live together in San Francisco, where much of the artificial intelligence industry is based, though they frequently travel to Altman’s residence in Napa, according to The New York Times.

Sam Altman and Oliver Mulherin
Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, with Oliver Mulherin at the White House on June 22, 2023. The couple both work in San Francisco’s tech industry.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

When Were Sam Altman and Oliver Mulherin Married?

Sam Altman and Oliver Mulherin were married in January. The wedding was a private seaside ceremony in Hawaii, attended by close friends and family. The couple’s relationship became public when they were first seen together at a White House event in 2023​.

In an interview with New York last year, Altman said that he wanted to raise children with his partner.

Where Has Oliver Mulherin Worked?

Oliver Mulherin’s LinkedIn describes him as a software engineer. He has worked on several AI projects, even while he was still at university, when he worked with the IOTA Foundation. After graduating, Mulherin worked at tech companies Broadwing and Spark Neuro, before joining Meta for two years.

Both Mulherin and Altman have strong backgrounds in California’s tech scene, specifically when it comes to AI. Altman recently outlined new capabilities for OpenAI’s upcoming model of ChatGPT, which he said would be an “impressive leap” forward for the popular chatbot, which has quickly found itself at the heart of artificial intelligence due to its intuitive user interface.

“There are people that use ChatGPT and you know when you’re using that or not, but the number of people that are integrating AI into all of their services and taking our GPT-4 and other models that we have, it’s lifting a lot of services.”

“That way people can at least tell if it’s a bug or intentional when it does something that they do not like,” Altman said. “Overtime, society can debate what those values are and we can adapt to it.”

“We need to learn how to make safe technology. We need to figure out how to build safe products, and that includes an ongoing dialogue with society.”

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