Woman Baffled by Tiny Box for ‘Blender’ Realizes What It’s Actually For

With so much new tech and travel-sized electronics constantly launching, you’d be forgiven for not immediately understanding how every new gizmo and gadget works.

One woman was left standing in the Dollar Tree aisle perplexed when she couldn’t understand how the plastic palm-sized pineapple in front of her, labeled a ‘blender travel case’, was big enough to blend anything in.

Aubrie Ina, who shared the video to her and her husband’s joint TikTok account, @brandonandaubrie, said she spent an “embarrassingly long time” attempting to understand the product in front of her until it finally clicked: the product wasn’t for a miniature food blender, but a protective case a beauty blender.

Aubrie Ina spent a long time trying to figure out how a blender could fit in the small case. She then realized the case was for a beauty blender. Credit: TikTok/@brandonandaul

The viral video gained 6.3 million views and 226K likes since being posted on March 29.

It had taken Ina so long to comprehend what she was looking at, employees at the store had attempted to help, as she said in the caption: “employees even asked me if I need help finding anything”.

Woman Looking At Box Confused And Unhappy
Stock image of a woman looking at an open gift box with a confused look. When the woman came across the small case for a blender, she couldn’t understand how it could fit.

Tanjas Photoarts/Getty Images

What Is a Beauty Blender?

Beauty blenders are a type of makeup sponge favored for their ability to seamlessly blend makeup into the skin. Available in a range of sizes, the blenders have become an increasingly popular tool over recent years and are available in a range of shapes depending on how you want to use them.

Recently, brands have been launching beauty blender cases to help keep the sponges clean and protected when put into a makeup bag, which is what Ina mistook for a miniature food blender.

Her own confusion and caption, as well as the lack of context and explanation, left viewers of the video equally baffled, with many taking to the comments to vent their frustrations.

What Do the Comments Say?

One beauty fan was just as confused as Ina. They said: “I own 600 beauty blenders and would have been confused. They could have called it a beauty blender. Or beauty sponge? Or literally anything else.”

Another agreed that the packaging was confusing, adding, “I use a beauty blender daily and still had to come to the comments to figure out what kind of blender fits in that.”

Whilst some beauty fans struggled to identify the product, others couldn’t understand what was so hard, as one revealed, “I had the opposite problem, I was stuck trying to figure out what other blender y’all were thinking of for way too long.”