Woman Checks Doorbell Camera After Night Out, Makes Heartwarming Discovery

Door cams capture all kinds of antics, and when one woman checked hers to find out what time she got home after a wild night out, what she ended up discovering was a very thoughtful gesture from her taxi driver.

After going out for food and drinks (lots of them) with her co-workers, Samantha Beavan, 39, was put in a taxi by her friends. But as a result of those aforementioned drinks, she had no recollection of even getting home, so the next morning she decided to check her door cam footage to find out—and she was so glad she did.

Beavan, from Hereford, in the United Kingdom, watched as the taxi driver walked her to the front door, waited for her to go inside, and then handed her the takeout food she’d brought with her. Beavan couldn’t believe her eyes after watching it back, telling Newsweek that it was such “a beautiful thing” to witness his kindness.

She shared the footage on TikTok (@sambev84) and while her drunkenness amused many, plenty of social media users were melted by the taxi driver’s thoughtfulness. The clip has already been viewed over 647,600 times and gained more than 13,500 likes.

Samantha Beavan door cam footage
Samantha Beavan pictured at the start of the night, and then captured on the door cam footage. Beavan is incredibly grateful for the taxi driver’s patience and good humor towards her that night.

@sambev84 / TikTok

“My friends said I was having such a good night and I really let my hair down after a breakup in January,” Beavan said. “I don’t remember any of it, but my friends told me that I wanted to go get food and then they made sure I got home safe in a taxi.

“I can’t remember the 15-minute journey home, but it was only the next day when I was wondering what time I got home that I checked the doorbell camera. The taxi driver really went that extra mile to make sure I got home safely. What a kind and generous gentleman he is.”

The door cam footage has delighted many people since Beavan shared it, as it’s not every day people get to witness such genuine thoughtfulness.

She can’t recall the driver’s name or even the taxi company, but given the chance, Beavan says she’d love to “personally say a big thank you” to him someday.

Beavan continued: “There have been a lot of mixed reactions online, but the majority of people found it so lovely that he helped me. Many taxi drivers refuse to take drunk people in their cars, but this one didn’t, and I am so grateful to him.”

With over 820 comments on the viral TikTok video already, the selfless taxi driver has earned plenty of praise online, while others gladly shared their own positive experiences. One comment reads: “What a fantastic human being! I hope nothing but good karma for him and it fills his life with goodness.”

Another person responded: “Making sure she got home safely, priceless. What a wonderful man.”

While another TikTok user joked: “My taxi driver had to put me to bed once.”

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