Woman Screaming After Work ID Taken When She Was Least Expecting It: ‘Help’

A student nurse has shared how she was left “screaming, crying, throwing up” after being unexpectedly required to pose for her work ID photo.

Sophie Parsons, who lives in Lancashire, U.K., was on her way back from the gym when she stopped to drop off paperwork for her new job. But, while she was there, she found herself in front of the camera, having a picture taken for her new ID badge.

In a video posted five days ago on TikTok, Parsons shared the less-than-flattering outcome of her photo, much to the amusement of viewers. In the text overlay on the video, she wrote “Help” alongside the picture of the ID card.

ID photo TikTok
The ID photo on TikTok that has left people in stitches. “As I was leaving, he got the camera and took my picture,” Sophie Parsons told Newsweek.


“I got the ID for a new job alongside being a student nurse. As I already have a student nurse trust ID, I assumed they would use that one. So, when I took my ID for my DBS check, I went straight after the gym, and it was super windy, so my hair was everywhere. Then, as I was leaving, he got the camera and took my picture,” Parsons told Newsweek.

A DBS check, or Disclosure and Barring Service check, is a background screening process in the United Kingdom. It is designed to ensure the safety of people being cared for by others and is usually required for positions such as teaching, social work, nursing and carer roles.

Parsons said that she didn’t think much of it until she went to collect the ID badge: “I immediately laughed and took a pic to send to friends to give them a laugh,” she said.

ID photo TikTok
From left: Sophie speaks in the TikTok video; and a picture of the ID card with the photo. She had just returned from the gym in windy conditions, the student nurse told Newsweek.


When her friends got a kick out of the photo, Parsons was inspired to share it on TikTok, too, where people were also amused by the picture.

Some commenters shared similar stories of ID photo nightmares. User 1988Hayley_ said: “I’m hungover to hell on my ID badge.” Nikkinakkinoo added: “I feel you. My work pass—I look like Pennywise [the clown from the horror novel and film It.]”

Others shared the positives of the situation. Commenter rebaroobarb wrote: “At least any time someone looks at it, it’ll be a glow-up. You can turn up looking half-dragged through a bush, and they won’t question it.”

Viewer laurajaynerobinson issued a word of warning, too: “My card got damaged, so they issued a replacement—same image was used.” This scuppered any of Parsons’ hopes that she could force them to give her a new image.

This isn’t the first time an ID photo has left people in stitches. Last year, Steve from Michigan shared a picture of his ID photo that prompted comments including: “You look like a serial killer.”