Woman Spots Dog ‘Treat Stop’ During Walk, Not Prepared for What’s Inside

It’s never easy to lose a pet, but one owner has left the internet in tears with their thoughtful gesture for other dogs out there.

While out for a walk in southern California with her mom, Allison Pickard, 20, spotted an adorable wooden box that looked like a bird feeder, but when she looked closer, it was so much more than that. The box had “Milli’s Treat Stop” written on the front, with a picture of the dog who has sadly died inside and a box of her “absolute favorite” treats.

Pickard told Newsweek that it was incredibly sad to think of what Milli’s owner must have gone through, but she loved that they channeled their grief into something that could “make her legacy carry on.”

She shared pictures of the treat stop on TikTok (@tallison03) and plenty of social media users were left crying “ugly tears” just like Pickard. In just a matter of days, the post has gained over 4 million views and more than 802,000 likes already.

Milli's Treat Stop
The adorable treat box for dog walkers to reward their four-legged friends with in Milli’s honor. The video has brought many to tears, but there have been plenty of donations to keep Milli’s Treat Stop…

@tallison03 / TikTok

“My mom and I were out on a walk when we stumbled upon Milli’s Treat Stop, and it was so beautiful,” Pickard said. “I’m not sure how long it’s been there for, but it looks new, and this was the first time I’d spotted it.”

Inside the treat stop is a jar of Milli’s favorite dog biscuits, and now her owners want other dogs to enjoy the treats too, as the label reads: “Hope your pup enjoys as well.”

As Pickard has two cats herself, she can only imagine the sadness and loss that the owners are experiencing at the moment. But since she shared the images of the treat stop on TikTok, social media users have come together to donate supplies in honor of Milli.

She continued: “The reaction to the video was completely unexpected, but it’s been so sweet. Everyone loved Milli and the idea that her owners have put into place. I’ve had a lot of people donate dog treats for Milli’s Treat Stop or write notes for them, and I will be dropping them off at their house next week.

“It’s been really bittersweet to see people donate treats in honor of their pets or their lost pets, but it warmed my heart seeing people want to support someone they don’t even know.”

Although Pickard was certainly “not prepared” for such an emotional sight during her walk, she has been so pleased to see it bring people together. “It’s always worth it to do something kind for others,” she said.

The viral TikTok post has amassed over 3,400 comments already at the time of writing, as many social media users praised Milli’s owners for showing such generosity during such a devastating time.

One TikTok user commented: “I hope people keep replenishing the treat jar! What a way to keep Millie’s memory alive.”

Another person responded: “I walk past that every week and make sure to have my pup thank Milli.”

While another comment reads: “My walk would be over right there due to sobbing.”

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