Woman’s Joy as She Shares Her ‘We Made It’ Moment on Vacation With Two Kids

One woman’s relatable parenting message has resonated with thousands online.

Elin Hughes-Jones, a social media manager and content creator based in the U.K., has brought comfort to plenty of parents after she opened up about her motherhood experience on TikTok.

Five days ago, Hughes-Jones, known on the platform as @diaryofahun, posted a video that captured a special moment during her family’s most recent vacation, which resonated with parents of young children everywhere.

The video shows Hughes-Jones and her husband relaxing on deck chairs while overlooking a resort pool where their two young sons, aged 4 and 6, played together independently.

In the video, she wrote: “[Point of view] your kids are out of the baby and toddler phases and are now the best of friends and now your family holidays look like this.”

What Do the Commenters Say?

The family’s “we made it” moment has struck a chord with many viewers, some of whom commented on how family holidays evolve as children grow older and require less direct attention and care.

“Wait till teenagers they don’t get up till midday it’s like a couple’s holiday from 7am till 11am,” one user wrote.

Another added: “As someone with 2 under 2 I can’t wait for this.”

Elin Hughes-Jones and her family are seen at a resort pool. The mother of two has shared her relief at both her kids being out of the toddler phase.

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A third viewer shared: “Me sitting here about to go on holiday with an 18-month-old thinking I’ll need a holiday to get over the holiday.”

Speaking in the wake of her video’s 650,000 views, Hughes-Jones told Newsweek about the delight of seeing her children enjoy themselves while she and her husband could finally breathe a sigh of relief and relax.

“We love going on holidays and taking the kids to new places. We travel multiple times a year with them, and each year has gotten easier. They are now at an age where they play together nicely, and my husband and I feel like we have a bit of our life back,” she said.

Hughes-Jones’ video highlights a common experience for parents: the transition from the intensive early years of child care to a more relaxed and enjoyable phase as children become more independent.

Her relatable “real life” content has fostered a supportive community among her followers, who appreciate the honest and uplifting depiction of family life. She currently has over 40,000 followers on TikTok and regularly shares glimpses into her life as a working mom.

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