‘Wordle’ #1,013, Tips and Answer for Thursday, March 28 Puzzle


It’s almost the end of the working week, so if you need a helping hand with today’s Wordle, Newsweek is here to assist you.

The game we’ve all come to know and love was invented by New York-based software engineer Josh Wardle, who perfected Wordle during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Welsh-born Wardle then released it to the public in October 2021.

Following its public debut, Wordle exploded from 90 users on November 1, 2021, to 300,000 on January 2, 2022, according to figures by Statista. The New York Times purchased the game for an undisclosed seven-figure fee soon after.

Since Wardle uploaded the game to the web, over 1,000 daily puzzles have been solved by players around the globe. With enough possible answers in the game’s word bank to last until late 2027, fans still have plenty more puzzles to solve.

Wordle game
A friend of the photographer plays “Wordle” on January 12, 2022, in New York City. Created by Josh Wardle, it is a five letter word guessing game that gives the user six tries to guess…

Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

The premise of the game is simple: one five-letter word per day and six attempts to guess it. If a correct letter is in the right place, the tile will go green. If it is in the wrong place, it turns yellow. If it is not in the word at all, the tile goes gray.

In an interview with Newsweek, Erhan Aslan, an expert in applied linguistics who teaches at the University of Reading in the U.K., gave some advice on how to improve your chances of solving the daily puzzle.

“One thing that I think is important in this game is the starting letter chosen. Starting off with letters that include commonly used vowels, for example, e and a, consonants such as r and t, and sound sequences might be helpful,” Aslan said.

“Choosing a word that starts with q, z, j, or x, for instance, may not be the best choice. As you get more feedback after a few guesses, users need to draw on some knowledge of phonics to narrow down or eliminate some words that they might be thinking.

“For example, if the second letter of the target word is l (indicated by green) and the player feels that the word starts with a consonant, they will need to know that there are only a few consonant cluster possibilities—such as bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl.”

‘Wordle’ #1,013 Hints for Thursday, March 28 Game

Newsweek has put together five hints to help you figure out today’s Wordle puzzle.

Hint #1: Today’s answer contains two vowels.

Hint #2: “S” is the first letter of today’s word.

Hint #3: There are no repeated letters.

Hint #4: The correct answer is a verb.

Hint #5: You do this word when you convey thoughts and ideas using your voice.

‘Wordle’ #1,013 Answer for Thursday, March 28 Game

The answer to today’s Wordle is “speak.”

According to Merriam-Webster, the verb is defined as “to utter words or articulate sounds with the ordinary voice.”

Congratulations if you managed to get it right but don’t worry if you didn’t. Wordle is released at midnight in your local time zone and Newsweek will be back with another round of hints and tips for each new game.

Players who would like something to keep themselves busy while they wait can have a go at other word-based puzzles such as Typochondria and Spellspire.