Daughter Quizzes Mom and Dad Who Knows Her Best—but There’s a Twist

A daughter surprised her parents by challenging them to a game of “who knows her better.”

Ava Palschakov, 19, from New Jersey, challenged her mom, Cara, 49, and dad, Paul, 50, to see who knows their firstborn the best in a series of questions including her favorite color, movie, TV show, country singer and scent.

Despite being exceptionally close with her mom, her dad managed to score higher in the game—leading Cara to become enraged.

However, the cunning daughter had already told her dad all of the answers in a bid to wind her mom up.

Mom bewildered during prank
The playful dad and daughter appeared to bring the mom to tears


Ava (an1cole33) shared the hysterical video on TikTok where it amassed a staggering 37.5 million views.

Ava told Newsweek: “My parents and I share a very unique relationship. My family is extremely competitive in every aspect.

“I thought that this challenge would be funny to do because of how competitive we all are. My mom and I are extremely close. After moving away to college, we share every detail about our lives with each other.

“From videos, secrets, friends, and what happens in my day to day life.”

The challenge started with Ava asking her folks what her favorite color is, Cara guessed blue, whereas Paul picked light pink—which she reveals is the color of her bedroom.

For the next question, her favorite dessert, both parents scored a point with crème brûlée.

For favorite movie, Paul “guessed” the Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy, Just Go With It, with the mom left baffled, thinking her daughter would have preferred a Sandra Bullock movie.

The mom manages to earn another point by choosing her sorority correctly, Gamma 5.

Next, the mom becomes completely bewildered when the dad chooses her favorite store as “Boutiques” after she wrongly guesses Lululemon.

Cara said: “What the hell are you talking about?”

Dad and daughter prank
The mom became increasingly riled up as the prank progressed


Ava said: “My dad and I are close as well, however I definitely tell more to my mom. Starting off this challenge, I asked my dad where my favorite store to shop at was and he said Justice.

“I mean if that doesn’t speak for itself I don’t know what does. I was shocked that he was able to remember the answers.”

For her favorite TV show, Cara suggests Vanderpump and Paul initially answers incorrectly, with Just Go With It, before correcting his answer to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The mom then insisted her daughter loved Vanderpump Rules.

Ava said: “Mom, that’s like second. But Housewives is superior. Everybody knows that.”

Next, the daughter asks who her favorite housewife is, Paul immediately responds Margaret Josephs—leading the mom to spiral even further.

The mom said: “Do you even know who Margaret Josephs is? Is this a game?”

Next Cara wrongly suggests her favorite country singer as Morgan Wallen and Paul reveals the right answer—Zach Bryan.

The growingly suspicious mom then shouts: “You don’t know anything about her. You don’t know anything.”

The next test is her favorite coffee shop—Cara guesses Starbucks but the right answer, which dad shares, is Turbo Coffee in Alabama.

The mom shouts: “Cause you pay the freaking Bill.”

Next, Ava’s little brother Luke, 16, interjects, he said: “Mom, you have like two points.”

For the next question, Ava asks her favorite perfume, and her mom guesses Maison, but the dad shares the full answer as Maison Louis Marie.

The mom shouts: “This is a cheating game. This is totally cheating.”

Paul denies the accusation, his defense—how could he possibly remember 12 answers?

The next question what her dream dog is, feeling beaten, Cara doesn’t respond, with Paul sharing the answer of golden retriever.

The dad said: “She always wants a golden retriever.”

The mom said: “When did we hear about a golden freaking retriever? That you wanted?”

Next, things take a rapid turn, and then Cara puts her hands over her face as she starts to cry and Paul puts a hand around her shoulder.

The final question is who her favorite YouTuber is and bemused, Cara admits she is out of her depth.

Paul answers Alisha Marie and Cara is overcome with shock when her partner is victorious.

After four minutes of torment, Paul reveals they were joking the entire time and he had studied the answers

Ava said: “What made it even better was that he gave legit reasons to back them up.

“I knew it would rile my mom up but definitely not to the extent that it did. We had so much fun filming and watching it back.”